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Keystock are removable bars that are used to transmit torque from components including couplings, sheaves, sprockets and gears to a shaft. They are called “keys” because they lock a component to the shaft by means of a corresponding keyway in a shaft. Keystock is available in both inch and metric sizes. Common keystock materials include steel, stainless steel and plated with zinc and are supplied in standard lengths of 12” long. Keystock can be rounded at both ends, squared at both ends, or rounded at one end and squared at the other.

There are many different types of keystock available including machine keys, Woodruff keys, hi-pro keys, gib head keys, and hex keys. Machined keystock is available in standard sizes and ready to use without additional cutting or filing. Woodruff keys are semi-circular components (half moon) installed deep in a shaft and firmly embedded. Hi-pro keys are similar to Woodruff keys, but lock into place. They provide superior strength and vibration resistance. Gib head keys are notched and tapered to tightly couple gears or pulleys with a shaft. Hex keys are L-shaped bars with a hexagonal head. They are used to turn screws with hexagonal sockets. 

Precision Brand 14800 Bearings Keystock

170 mm HMV 38 E
116 mm 19 mm

Precision Brand 14770 Bearings Keystock

41.275 mm 3515.4 g
73.025 mm 147.803 mm

Precision Brand 54474 Bearings Keystock

588 mm 10000 kN
2 x M 42 238 mm

Precision Brand 15500 Bearings Keystock

1020 kN 244 kN

Browning 1303858 Bearings Keystock

0.39 540 mm
2 mm 522 mm

Precision Brand 14999 Bearings Keystock

mm 3 mm
28.720 kN 45 mm

Precision Brand 54600 Bearings Keystock

48.1 mm 0.6 mm
36 mm 1

Precision Brand 56680 Bearings Keystock

25.000 mm 1.00 mm
16000 rpm 13000 rpm

Precision Brand 54550 Bearings Keystock

91300 N Without Accessories
130.0000 mm 60.000 mm

Precision Brand 54470 Bearings Keystock

360 mm 1 100 min-1
3 mm 850 min-1

Precision Brand 53507 Bearings Keystock

1700 rpm 315000 N
255000 N 56.00 mm

Precision Brand 53505 Bearings Keystock

2.00 mm 4100 rpm
90000 N 5000 rpm