Ball Insert Bearings

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Help operate motors, chain belts, chain wheels and automobiles with durable insert bearings. These bearings are designed with an inner ring that extends on both sides of the bearing for extra support. Each bearing is designed specifically for an application. Find right size and fit insert bearing for your task at hand.

Bearings are insert bearings with an extended inner ring.  They are specifically designed for mounting on shafts without using adapters, lock-nuts, or shoulders. They are popular in many applications due to their versatility, and cost effectiveness.  The bearing is typically locked in place using setscrews (or a locking eccentric collar). The inner ring usually extends on both sides of the bearing to provide extra shaft support. 

Sealmaster ERX-15 HIY Ball Insert Bearings

578 mm 192 mm
7100 kN 217 Kg

Sealmaster ERX-18 HIY Ball Insert Bearings

380x559.5x160 380 mm
NTN 559,5

Sealmaster ERX-15 HI Ball Insert Bearings

91.3 0.114
60200 lbf Imperial

Sealmaster ERX-14 HIY Ball Insert Bearings

0.082 kg 42 mm
Open 21 mm

Sealmaster ERX-12 HIY Ball Insert Bearings

27 mm 5
11 mm 5

Sealmaster ERX-11 LO Ball Insert Bearings

8 3.45
0.29 25 mm

Sealmaster ERX-207TM-XLO Ball Insert Bearings

84 mm 65 mm
140 M6313

Sealmaster MH-31T Ball Insert Bearings

0.06 in 14 in
2.04 Stamped Steel

Sealmaster ERX-206XLO Ball Insert Bearings

15 mm 1024 mm
4 mm 400 mm

Sealmaster AR-208TM Ball Insert Bearings

1,5 mm 0,783 Kg
2,46 mm 22 mm

Sealmaster 3-115DC Ball Insert Bearings

21 kN 52,5 mm
75 mm EC-6009

Sealmaster AR-3-28 Ball Insert Bearings

MSM250BX 304391 lbf
Round Flange 1.5 in