Hi, I saw your website a few moments ago while I was searching for great burger restaurants where I can order. However, when I called, the number I dialed won’t pick up, it won’t even ring. I checked the number on your website and I dialed the correct contact anyway, why is this happening and how can I contact you properly? 


Hello, we apologize for the inconvenience. We think that the problem is because we are receiving many calls these past few days that is why your calls won’t go through. This problem happens most of the time especially when many people order from us. That is why we always suggest that our customers send us an email instead because the lines may have problems and we won’t be able to receive your calls. We are very sorry for this problem and we hope you can send us an email instead regarding your inquiry. Thank you. 


I’d like to reserve a table but when I called, it won’t go through, why is that? 


Thank you for considering reserving from our place. You might have called when the time for reservation has ended that is why your calls won’t go through. We have only limited time to accept reservations and that’s from 8 am until 4 pm. If you call too early or too late, your calls won’t really go through. Please call us accordingly during the time stated. Thank you. 


I know you close every time there are announced holidays, but may I ask if you consider opening your restaurant on some holidays as well? 


Yes, we always close our restaurant when there’s announced holidays but we also consider opening occasionally on selected holidays because many customers requested us to. Don’t worry, during these occasions, we see to it that we announce it for our customers’ convenience.