Are you looking for a good restaurant with high-quality dishes and great customer service? Do you want to visit a place where you aren’t the only one who would definitely enjoy but the kids as well? If you are craving for fresh and deliciously cooked steaks, burgers and other meals, then you have to try eating at Joe’s. Whenever you feel like going for a drive and just stopping by a good place where your whole family could enjoy, Joe’s Cable Car Restaurant is the perfect place for you. We bet you’ll love the place, the services. We offer free parking for your cars under the safety of our garage doors in Arizona. 

There is one common problem encountered by parents in general whenever they bring their families to eat at different restaurants. This is their children’s appetite. Kids are often picky about meals so it is not surprising that they do not always end up finishing their meals. Since kids are tough critics, they only finish what they like and what’s really good for them. As such, we came up with a good menu to encourage your kids to eat with fervor. This is our dedication to you, to give you better family time and better bonding experience with your kids. 

Joe’s Cable Car Restaurant serves 100% fresh foods. We make sure our beef and other ingredients are specially selected to create a special meal. Our main dishes include our burgers which are always tasty and juicy. These are our best sellers too. They are cooked medium rare by default unless you specify how you want it to be. To fully satisfy you, let you enjoy your visit and experience in Joe’s, we consider your preferences and meeting them is at the top of our priority list. Our fresh ground steak beef burgers are all served open-faced for you to inspect. We have the slices of patties and all garnishes on the side. Taste it, add everything you’d like to and enjoy your experience eating our Joe’s burgers. 

We are open every 9 am until 11 pm from Mondays to Sundays. We announce our schedules during holidays and special days. You can make reservations by sending us a message through email or calling us. Reservations are only available every 8 am until 4 pm. We don’t accept reservations after that time so please consider reserving your table as early as possible. You may also order from us whenever you want us to deliver any our dishes to your home. To see the menu, please check the ‘menu’ section here on this website to find the meal you’d like to order. 

For a restaurant that serves good food and accommodates your whole family’s needs, drop by Joe’s Cable Car Restaurant. Bring your friends and the whole family to bond here with you. Don’t miss out on the good stuff and we hope to see you here in our place soon!